Driving lessons

We offer driving lessons for all levels of experience so you’ll never feel out of your depth when learning to drive with our instructors.

Beginner drivers

You will not be put into a traffic situation that you cannot cope with. If you have never driven before, your instructor will drive you to a very quiet residential area to enable you to become familiar with the controls of the car before having to deal with busy traffic.

The Learning Car you will be driving is a new Renault Clio.

Theory test help

To help you learn and prepare to pass your theory test as well as having excellent knowledge and road sense and acquire the safe skills you will need to drive safely for life, I recommend you to study the following:

  • The Official DVSA Guide to Driving the essential skills - buy on Amazon
  • The Official Highway Code - buy on Amazon
  • Know your traffic signs - buy on Amazon
  • The Official DVSA Theory Test - buy on Amazon

Experienced/partly trained drivers

A driving assessment of about 10 minutes is the best way to ascertain your level of ability, awareness and competence to devise a well structured method of teaching/learning by setting achievable goals, incorporating all the modules required by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency and preparing you to pass your driving test 1st time.

Your driving instructor will plan your driving lessons to be conducted in some of the areas of your actual driving test so you are well prepared for when you go out with the DVSA's examiner.

You will also be required to know the "Show Me, Tell Me" vehicle safety questions.

You will be asked two questions:

  • one 'tell me' out of 14 questions where you explain how you would carry out a safety check at the start of the test and before starting to drive.
  • one 'show me' out of 7 questions where you show how you would carry out a safety check while on the move.

Note: Failure to answer one or both of the "show me tell me" questions will result in one minor fault.

Pass plus

Congratulations! This means you just passed your driving test... well done!

Pass Plus is a course designed to help you improve your newly gained skills and mature your driving. It is recognised by some insurance companies - check with the insurance company first and enquire if they are in the scheme and if it helps you bring your first car's insurance premium down by around 35%

However, this is not an extra test, but focuses on 6 modules of your driving training:

  • Town Driving
  • All-Weather Driving
  • Out of Town Driving & Rural Roads
  • Night Driving
  • Dual Carriageways
  • Motorways

A minimum of six hours is required by the DVSA to cover the above modules but the number of sessions to be taken will greatly depend on the ability and progress of each individual pupil.

At the end of all your efforts you will gain a Certificate of Achievement and you will be ready for taking the keys for a safe long life of driving.

Intensive driving courses

Take your motorway driving and Pass Plus courses with David Anderson Driving School in Greenock today, and get a discount on your bulk bookings.

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